Calgary Regional Partnership Orientation

This page offers a brief orientation on the Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) including: why we exist, what is the Calgary Metropolitan Plan, and how the CRP has evolved.


Why the Calgary Regional Partnership

Our Region is expected to grow to more than three million people in the next 60 years. That’s an addition of approximately 1.8 million people. That also means we will add about 800,000 new jobs and thousands of hectares of new development on the landscape. Questions that arise as a result of this growth include:


  • Where will people live?
  • How will they move around?
  • What jobs will they have?
  • Will there be enough water for everyone?

Our Partnership works together to answer these questions. Learn more by watching the video below:

Calgary Metropolitan Plan

The Calgary Metropolitan Plan (CMP) provides a guide for sustainable development within a region that is experiencing rapid, robust growth. Our Plan protects the Calgary Region's natural environment and watershed, fosters economic growth, develops a regional transportation network and plans growth for future generations. 


For more information on the Plan watch the video below and check out the CMP website

Our Evolution

Now that you have read about the Calgary Metropolitan Plan and about why the CRP exists, we want to show you how we evolved over the years to get to where we are today. 

Check out more information about our governance model and structure.


Additional Information

 The Calgary Regional Partnership has much more information should you want to learn more about the organization. 


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