The Calgary Region has everything you need to build a lifestyle that fits you. We have necessary resources to help you move here whether that’s finding jobs or housing, learning about our municipalities, understanding our transportation networks, or looking for educational opportunities. Explore our site to learn more about moving to the Calgary Region.  MOVE HERE

A Bucket List Destination

From badlands to prairie to mountains, we are a destination for the world’s ‘bucket list’ travelers and movie makers, and local mom’s and dad’s taking kids for a picnic. We are an Olympic host and a white cowboy hat at the airport with a friendly welcome. We are the Calgary Stampede and the ethnic food or dance event at the community centre. We are two official languages and a single school where more than 40 languages are spoken. We are the pick-up truck…owned by the residents who are the biggest per capita spenders on culture in Canada. The Calgary Region IS the diverse face of the world – in our languages, in our faiths, in our restaurants, in cultural organizations and events.

The Calgary Region is the land of those seeking adventure, the great outdoors and an active lifestyle. A pervasive mentality of working hard yet enjoying life driven by a fearless desire to discover and explore in a land where nature is in the driver’s seat.

In the Calgary Region you don’t have to just imagine a life of new beginning. You can make it happen. Spread your wings. There's room in the Calgary Region.