Growth in the Calgary Region is enabled by and relies on an infrastructure support system that is well-invested, modern and imaginative.



With outstanding educational options from pre-school to post-secondary (including two universities, a renowned technical institution and a leading arts college), Calgary’s learning environment includes a variety of programs to prepare its students for the opportunities that lie ahead. The Calgary Region’s primary and secondary schools are consistently ranked among the best in the Province. In 2008, six of the top eight schools were from Calgary and surrounding communities.
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Health Care
The Calgary Region has one of the largest fully-integrated, publicly funded health care systems in Canada. More than 31,000 staff and 2,500 physicians provide services to more than 100 locations, including 12 hospitals, four comprehensive health care centres, 41 continuing care centres and a variety of community care sites. The Alberta Children’s Hospital is the first new freestanding children’s hospital to be built in Canada in more than 20 years. Residents also benefit from internationally renowned medical research at the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine. In Alberta, health care is completely free – you don’t even pay a monthly premium.
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Feeling secure in a community greatly contributes to quality of life. In both the Region’s urban and rural areas, community safety is a valued asset. In 2003, Calgary was the first municipality in Canada to receive two Safe Community designations simultaneously: one from the national Safe Communities Foundation and the other from the World Health Organization.
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