Taxes and Utilities

Alberta's personal tax advantage results from a low single rate income tax system (10%) including the highest basic and spousal exemptions in the country, no general sales tax, the lowest gasoline tax rate among the provinces, and low property taxes.

Income Taxes

For information on federal and provincial income tax visit:
Canada Revenue Agency

Property Taxes
Municipal property taxes in the Calgary Region average $2200 for an average priced (2009 sales prices) home. Calgary has the 9th lowest (out of 20, 2009) property taxes in Canada for single detached houses.

For more information on property taxes in the Calgary Region visit the Province of Alberta’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs Property Assessment and Taxation.


Approximate annual utility fees* for an average house in the Calgary Region are as follows:

Utility    Cost
municipal water and sewer $750
garbage/recycling $135
gas (heating) $765
electricity $820
phone (optional) $600
high speed Internet



To calculate water and sewer rate, an average of 2010 rates of the five largest communities in the Calgary Region based on average water consumption. To calculate gas and electricity rates, average annual gas and electricity consumption is multiplied by 2010 rates.

All rates and charges will vary depending on intensity of resource use, market adjustments to gas and electricity pricing, and annual municipal consideration of adjustment of tax and utility rates.


Electricity/Natural Gas are deregulated in Alberta. The Province of Alberta provides a web site to assist consumers with choosing an appropriate provider for their residence or business. To learn more about electrical or natural gas providers visit

Calgary has the 15th lowest utility charges (not including natural gas) in Canada.